Are paper currencies doomed? It looks so, says market analyst


“They will become useless because of cash print”.

“Investors should have some exposure to precious metals,” Marc Faber informed. Faber finds value in agricultural stocks, mining companies and oil servicing businesses.

Overall, nevertheless, the U.S. is a “completely priced marketplace,” Faber said. Having said that, he wouldn’t go as far as shorting the marketplace, because he does not enjoy to do so in a cash-print environment.

Art Hogan, chief market strategist at Wunderlich Securities, is anticipating the second half of the year to enhance.

“I believe we are going to see an inflection point in gains,” ¬†Marc Faber¬†told “Power Lunch.
The dollar has balanced out, which ought to help some of the multinationals and exporters, and there’s stabilization in petroleum, he clarified.

“Economic data appears to be showing that outside.”

On the other hand, Mark Luschini is anticipating more of the same, which he said is not always economic disaster or an investment.

“I believe what we are seeing is this 2 percent rate of increase, plus or minus, is … about as great as it is going to get,” he said.

There may be some backend development in gains, possibly in the single digits, Luschini said. He also anticipates the S&P 500 returns in the last half of the year to probably with about 5 in percent or 6 overall yields for the year.


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