Trump & Newt Gingrich Dream Ticket? Here’s The Good And Bad


Along with creating the most oft-wed (six times) ticket in presidential history, Gingrich would present some hard challenges for Trump in addition to offer several edges.

On the plus side, Gingrich has a deep acquaintance with public policy that would serve him well on the vice presidential debate period and is smart.

Gingrich has the sort of “electrical” style that Trump definitely favors and usually thrills old-fashioned audiences with his regular appearances on television.

Gingrich on the ticket may also convince some wavering organization Republicans (and mega-donors like Sheldon Adelson) to at least give Trump a second look. One could envision these Republicans believing that “certain Trump doesn’t have any notion what he is doing but we can count on Newt to guide him the correct manner.”

But then there are the negatives, and they’re not inconsiderable.

Gingrich can not bear and they despised his tenure on Capitol Hill.

When he leave his presidential campaign after a short second as the frontrunner in 2012, Gingrich was the most disliked politician in America. A Gallup poll at the time found that 63 percent of Americans had a negative view of him to only 25 percent who saw him a favorable light.

That is not just the perfect profile for a GOP nominee that Americans also do not enjoy. Trump now has a 61 percent negative rating in the RealClearPolitics average of public opinion polls. It is definitely not clear that deciding Gingrich would do much to turn that around.

Gingrich would also not take any demographic or regional edges. He hails from Georgia, a Republican state that is safe, and would do nothing to help Trump among minority groups and girls where the GOP standard bearer is deeply submerged.

Trump might have had a considerably more appealing vice presidential possibility in the Susana Martinez, a Latina governor of a crucial swing state of New Mexico. But Trump rent her performance as governor and got into a nasty feud with Martinez in May.

Then there’s the largest negative of them all: A Clinton was taken on by the last number of times Gingrich, he lost miserably. The then-House Speaker presided over the shutdowns of the late 1990s of the House and lost the PR challenge to President Bill Clinton’s White House.

Clinton appeared as an even more popular president from all the shutdowns and the impeachment wreck, getting credit for balanced budgets that Gingrich arguably had done considerably more to bring about and driving a tide of economic prosperity. Gingrich had to step down as speaker.

Hillary Clinton definitely lacks the political abilities that are retail that her husband has in such prosperity.

But if there’s a vision pairing for Democrats to paint the Republican ticket as a pair of aging white men totally out of touch with the changing nature of life and work in America, it is Trump-Gingrich.


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