Finland and Russia Tensions Flare Up With Nato Over Baltic Sea


President Vladimir Putin proposed on Friday Russia could transfer its troops closer to the Finnish-Russian boundary if Finland called for measures to enhance conflict prevention and joins NATO.

“Do you believe we are going to ensure that it remains as is? Our troops at 1,500 (kilometers, 900 miles) away?”

In addition, it comes before a NATO summit in Warsaw.

Putin is trying to prevent flights over Baltic Sea with transponders: Finnish President
“Do you guys want it? We do not. We do not need it. But it can be your call.”

Putin and Niinisto called for measures to enhance security, with the Finnish president advocating that no military planes should fly with identification apparatus switched off over the Baltic.

NATO airplanes did it considerably more frequently, although Putin said Russian airplanes flew with identifying transponders away.

He said NATO would be talked to by Russia about raising mutual trust and enhancing conflict prevention at the Russia-NATO council meeting which will occur after the NATO summit.


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