CVS Stock, good time to invest in 2016?


Why is CVS stock the best to invest in 2016?

CVS health is a well known and reputed American retailer and healthcare company that operates over 7800 CVS Pharmacies, Pharmacy stores and more. It has its headquarters in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, United States. It has made big with revenue of 153.3 billion USD and a net income of 5.237 billion USD. It has also been doing well in the stock market.

What does CVS excel in?

The stock markets are one of the best equalizer and that is why looking for the best stock to buy.

CVS is one of the most reputed drug companies in the USA that ranks second with a market capital of $56.56 Billion, $107.1 Billion in revenue from CVS prescription revenues and $16.1B from its Caremark prescription mail order. The company operates around 7404 drug stores all over the world. The stock is the best stocks to buy as you may get high returns from the same. They are the best stocks to invest in the year 2016.CVS is a health care pharmacy that helps people on their path to better health. It has an unmatched suite of capability that is required to drive innovations that helps to shape the future of health care industries.

CVS drop down

The stock recently fell to a four month low on Monday after Morgan Stanley said that it no longer had hopes as there were emerging and strong competitors compared to the drug store chain pharmacy management business. The stock has shot up to 149% over 5 years because of its reputed nature, its competitive pricing and a message that resonates with the customers.

The rise of shares

The Company is again seen to be rising in the early morning trading despite a lower price target in the Deustse bank. There are various opportunities available with the CVS stock for its recent attainment of Target’s. Despite changes of drug pricing for its competitors, CVS has not seen a shift

Where does CVS excel in?

CVS has been seen to excel in a number of areas such as growth in revenue, good return on equity, good cash flow operations, as well as reasonable levels of valuation. That makes CVS stock one of the best in the USA market and the company has really maintained its stocks equities in the best possible way. You can get full information about the stock from the Internet or the Wall Street journal. Read the options and then decide to invest in the company.


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