Sexual Legal Suit Against Fox News Network


Legal suits, especially in relation to the sexual-related case, has never been easy or fun. The same thing goes with Gretchen Carlson’s legal suit against Roger Ailes, the chairman of Fox News network. The suit alone isn’t an easy matter to solve. And although Ailes wins the case, there are uncertainties of what might happen to Fox in the future.

The Main issue and Gender Imbalance
Although such sexism issue is no longer a crucial matter in today’s modern setting, it still applies in Fox News. In fact, a lot of people think of Fox News as the home for many traditionalists – those who are against gay marriage, those who are opposed to gender flexibility or fluidity, and those who think that men are always better than women.

It makes this case interesting as the former host of the program, Ms. Carlson, is filing a sex suit against the network chairman. She said that Ailes had promised her a better professional career at the network in exchange for sexual act. Offended by his offer, Carlson made a legal suit, revealing the traditional and old-school behavior that keeps going on in silence. It shows that even in a modern world, the implementation of misogynist and gender-bias practice still goes on.

The Possible Chances
Carlson might have problems proving the claim because Ailes had portrayed her as an opportunist with ill intention. Being a former employee that had been fired, it is easy to see Carlson as an ex-staff with a grudge. However, rumor has it that there are other women are willing to testify against Ailes too.

It would be a bleak future for Ailes as further problems may arise. He has to defend himself against Carlson as well as defending himself against an internal investigation held by the 21st Century Fox. It is possible that whatever happens in the future may not in favor of Ailes’ initial plan.


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