Stocks Down over Energy Sector


When it comes to stocks exchange, there is no way that you can always predict the movement. Sometimes you can expect an up but don’t be too surprised if you encountered down moments too.

Well, it seems that the stock exchange market is experiencing an energy down with most of the shares on Wall Street going down. However, not all of them see the gloomy side of the market share movement since Costco is having a pretty good day.

The Condition
Chevron and Exxon are going down, affected by the major price fall that reaches almost 5% because of the crude stockpile decrease. Not to mention that the condition of the government’s debt is still low, affecting the overall price and stock condition. According to Tim Ghriskey, the investment chief officer from Solaris Group, the telecommunication and the utilities have become the weak sectors, affected mostly by the surrounding conditions.

On the overall sense, the utility sector has been down for around 1.8 percent especially since Britain has decided to leave the European Union. Such action has triggered as safer run actions to several more promising sectors in the market itself. The telecom sector has also been down for around 1.6 percent.

The Bright Side
However, not all stocks and shares see the gloomy side of the market with Costco manage gain large on the S&P and Nasdaq. When they manage to reach up a higher sale, their shares prices are also increasing, making them end up with 4.9 percent of increase with $163.70 in total.

The condition of the market is also supported by the labor market. According to the national ADP employment data, around 172,000 jobs have been added and the numbers are bigger than the expected 159,000 from the economists’ prediction. Such weakness is sad but there are always optimistic views from the stock exchange platform.


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