Food Poisoning Rumor and Its Affect on Chipotle’s Stock


The good and reputable name is important in business; at least that what happens to Chipotle. After the rumor of food poisoning incident that is happening in one of their chains in Manhattan, the stock is down. Whether the rumor is true or not, it hasn’t been officially announced to the public. The company claims that the incident is still under investigation – or so they say.

The Rumor
Rumor had it that the business is dealing with E.coli incident. The burrito chain specialist has suffered from a stock down up to 2.44% around Thursday morning. It happened after someone tweeted that they were getting sick after enjoying their meal in the Manhattan joint. Eric Van Lustbader, the Tweeter user, wrote that his editor was being treated in the urgent care unit after eating out at Chipotle.

So far, the illness hasn’t been confirmed whether it is true or not. Chris Arnold, the Chipotle spokesperson, had said to Business Insider that he hadn’t heard about any illness related to their chain restaurants. He said that he would be looking into the matter as soon as possible but then again, there hasn’t been any followed up about this matter.

The Business Relation
It has been unclear whether Chipotle really digs into the problem or not, or whether the food poisoning issue sources from eating out at Chipotle’s or not. But the fact that the stock has decreased up to more than 2% is the proof that good reputation matters, especially in the world of business. Whether it is true or not, having a tarnished reputation won’t help and it is you who will suffer the most.

Hopefully, everything will clear up with Chipotle and the issue of the food poisoning. Whether the rumor is true or not, hope things will turn into a better position for the burrito’s chain business.


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