CWRUObserver is an independent equity news and research organization. We produce high-quality investment news and analysis to a broad audience through various distribution networks and channels. Our team provides research-driven trading news and insight for a broad array of investing strategies.

The U.S. Equities team is comprised of 8 contributors covering several stocks across multiple industry verticals that include consumer goods, services, financial, technology and diversified industries.

The combination of our experience, relationships with our companies, vast networks of industry contacts and our proprietary news and financial analysis makes CWRUObserver one of the most respected independent equity news organizations in the industry.

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Background information about our writers.

Charlie Hefron

Chuck is an independent investor and have been involved with financial markets for 31 years. He writes articles on the markets and the economy, a mixture of commentary on current events as well as economic theory.

Anna Jones

Anna is a financial writer for US and Chinese stocks and she also invests in the same. She was previously an investment banker in New York Hong Kong and London for 9 years, focused on Equity Capital Markets. She is always looking for both long ideas and short ideas and typically focus on a small number where she can spend the time to conduct deep research.

Simon Holdsworth

Simon provides outperforming buy and sell opinions on stocks, currencies, bonds, commodities, and real estate. His in-depth research covers most of the major financial markets in America. His research is based on the interconnected relationships among economic and technical factors that drive valuations in the markets, with an emphasis on how to formulate investment strategies. Simon also covers the analysts recommendations on stock markets and individual stocks. Critically analyses the estimations given by the top analysts.

Tina Gumbley

Tina provides the U.S. as well as global markets commentary that cover the stock, commodity, and currency markets. She covers latest activity, events and trends, from economic reports and financial indicators relating to individual stocks, industries, sectors, or countries. In particular, she attempts to identify emerging trends in markets that have the potential to reward early investors with outsized gains, while keeping a keen eye on risk.

Martin Brandenburg

Martin is an experienced writer, editor and proofreader. He holds an Honors BA degree. He writes about long term and short term investment techniques. His approach is based on a deep knowledge and understanding of market dynamics and focuses on adding value to investors’ portfolios via thoroughly checked proprietary information and data sources.