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Fox News, CNN both lack journalistic integrity

As do many college students, I certainly I have my biases. I recently watched Glenn Beck of Fox News Channel berating a defenseless and clearly overmatched Connecticut State's Attorney on the AIG bonus scandal. I couldn't help but comment to my roommate that Fox News is a disgrace to journalistic integrity and anything but "fair and balanced," the network's slogan....

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Alo Konsen

posted 4/03/09 @ 3:15 AM EST

Ross, do you understand the difference between news shows and commentary shows? Bret Baier, Shepard Smith, and Neil Cavuto do straight news. Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck do commentary. There's a difference.

If you're going to complain about conservative bias on Fox News, do yourself a favor and don't whine about hosts giving their opinions on opinion shows. What the heck do they teach you in PoliSci, if you miss such basic distinctions?

Another suggestion: do strive to rein in your sesquipedalian pomposity, if you please. Try to resist -- nay, ruthlessly annihilate -- your overweening and supercilious garrulousness. Your writing bespeaks a chronic case of supercilious logorrhea.
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Ross Wasserstrom

posted 4/06/09 @ 10:31 PM EST

Mr. Konsen,

I certainly appreciate your comments, but I would like to point out a few things. I wrote this piece not to whine about "conservative bias" at all. Actually, a reading of the second half of the article would prove exactly the opposite: I clearly pointed out not only the laurels of Fox and it's ideological brethren, but also the equivalent infractions from media outlets on the other side of the spectrum.

Your more developed point, however, also reaches an issue worth addressing: opinion versus reporting. The reason I level criticism at Beck and O'Reilly is because the "straight news" anchors like Don Lemon on CNN and Bret Baier do not pick their stories and do not inhabit their consequences. It is neither their job nor inclination to show personal or professional opinion on their stories. What they do is set the stage for the "bread and butter" of these networks. They do not report stories that will not be covered by the primetime opinion shows, and this is deliberate.

What has become apparent, and maybe should be included in the piece, is that the opinion shows dominate what the entire network covers ideologically.

Finally, your command of Microsoft's Thesaurus function admittedly astounds me, but a frivolous denounciation of the written merit of the piece exposes an indignant personalization of its content worthy of sympathy.
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come on

posted 4/08/09 @ 12:54 AM EST

i don't think wasserstrom understands what konsen was doing in the final part of his criticism. he is pretty clueless.@
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