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Going back to Those Gold Soundz: I was a six-year-old Phish phan

In the same song from which I pulled this column's name, Stephen Malkmus sings, "You can never quarantine the past." This holds true for all the *NSYNC and Britney Spears you used to listen to and might currently pretend don't exist. I learned that such notions were follies, and to explain how I got there, it may be best to explain the awkward things I grew up listening to....

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Don Sackett

posted 8/27/10 @ 11:56 AM EST

Hanson can NOT even compare to the intricate, mind bending, ground breaking conceptualization that was ELP!! I'm sorry but I disagree that songs you may have liked were in anyway equal in quality to bands such as Bob Dylan, ELP, The Grateful Dead, or Phish just to name four. Pop sensationalism is shoved down peoples throats w/ no remorse. Lyrical content is generally basic and lacking, music is repetitive and predictable. I've listened to a handful of pop music in my day and I now wonder wtf what I thinking, this song is crap!!!

I'm not just defending Phish and jam bands. I'm defending true music from the heart and mind of an individual and not prefabricted music from some large corporation know as "THEY" who choose what goes on the radio!!
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Mike B

posted 8/27/10 @ 12:58 PM EST

"When I was six, a relatively typical interest in music became an all-consuming obsession when I heard Phish for the first time. Against all odds, those four perpetually stoned, Vermont-born-and-raised Deadheads"

FYI: None of the members of Phish were born (or raised) in Vermont. 1 is from NY (Fish), 1 for MASS (Mike) and the other 2 are from New Jersey. They did all go to college in VT though.

Pretty cool to get into t have, but they didn't get together until I was 13.
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Adam Spektor

posted 8/28/10 @ 2:50 AM EST

@Don Your definition of "true music" is just different from my definition of "true music."

@Mike B Thank you for the correction! Note to self: Thoroughly research details like this before articles go to print, or at least word things more accurately!
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