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Sex and Dating: The benefits of casual sex

Casual sex doesn't always have to be a bad thing; the phrase "friends with benefits" got its name for a reason....

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posted 3/12/09 @ 6:07 PM EST

You have got to be kidding me. This passes for journalism? What a truly sad and unfulfilled life you must have in order to casually sleep around just to relieve stress.
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posted 3/13/09 @ 3:30 PM EST

You're clearly not getting any.
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posted 3/19/09 @ 12:51 PM EST

I agree with Andrew. What a load of filth you guys continue to publish every week. It saddens me to know that some dumb slut is going to put this on their resume for writing when all she does it write about sleeping around and how it fits nicely with relieving stress due to midterms? Now I've heard everything.
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