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There's no 'I' in team - but there is in 'Republican'

As I struggled with a paper this week, I found myself thinking back to a remark repeated by one of my professors - that the U.S. had lost the ability to deal with new challenges. This was a comment on our domestic political situation, but I heard it in the context of American foreign policy, and now we must to turn to a key player in U....

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posted 12/03/10 @ 6:06 PM EST

You seriously cited Paul Krugman? He is a liberal puppet.

"Democrats and sane-minded economists alike believe deficit spending is essential to reduce unemployment and keep the economy growing."

1) How many Dems voted to extend the tax cuts? Quite a few as I recall.
2) SOME deficit spending is good, you can go back and read Hamilton's argument for a national debt, but no "sane minded" person can possibly think our current deficit is "reducing unemployment" or "keeping the economy going."

3) It has been proven that cutting taxes leads to increased spending. Maybe those fake economists like Krugman brainwash you into thinking otherwise. There are also plenty of respected economists and think tanks which have found that cutting taxes has increased revenue.

The vibe your articles have is "I'm a know it all liberal, and anyone who disagrees with me is an idiot." Grow up and revise your tone.
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posted 12/04/10 @ 6:30 PM EST

I agree with above poster.

What really bothers me is people who take 2 or 3 political science classes, then go around regurgitating crap and trying to come across as an expert. You sound absolutely pretentious when doing that. I read 3 or 4 international newspapers a day, I think I know more about US/world politics that Mr. Yavorsky does... and yes, the vast majority of poli-sci pretenders are the liberal idiots like (apparently) yourself.

Also, the current vote before Congress is to extend existing tax cuts, not to reduce taxes (important difference).

The Dems have had 4 years to mess things up more, now it's time for them to cooperate with Republican leadership to solve our domestic problems instead of forcing crap like healthcare reform down American's throats.

And yes, there is an 'I' in Republican. I'm glad that, if anything, your poli-sci courses have taught you how to spell.
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