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Creativity of sustainability efforts is impressive, inspiring

Case Western Reserve University has again proven its commitment to the environment with a significant improvement on this year's College Sustainability Report Card. We're impressed with all the work that has gone into making CWRU an environmentally friendly campus. (0) comments

Global Scorning: Subbing tofu into diet can lower carbon footprint

How is it that something that only consists of two ingredients - soybeans and bittern (magnesium chloride) - can lead to so many both tasty and useful products? Tofu, made from boiling and combining these two ingredients, is the main component of numerous tasty dishes due to its popularity and utility. (1) comment

LTE: Trivia Club welcomes new participants

To the Editor: I would like to issue a few clarifications regarding the Case Trivia Club, which was featured in an article last week by reporter Gillian Seaman. Although Seaman wrote a very good article, she was mistaken in several points. First, a majority of our tournaments, including our first on Oct. (0) comments

LTE: Analysis of candidates was uninformed

To the Editor: Josh Goldberg's analysis in the column "A vice-presidential profile: the other half of the ticket" [Sept. 26] is simplistic and uninformed. Whether Barack Obama's selection of Joe Biden will have a significant effect on the outcome is uncertain. (1) comment

LTE: Newspaper coverage of evolution needs work

Dear Editor: While, on the whole, I think the Sept. 19 article by Steve Cummins ("Year of Darwin event series aims to inform Case community") reasonably captured the gist of our conversation regarding the Case Celebration of Darwin and Evolution, Cummins attributes to me, as direct quotes, statements that employ words that I do not recall using and that express ideas that do not precisely reflect my actual views. (0) comments

LTE: Awareness won't win peace in Darfur

To the Editor: Over the past several years, there has been a seemingly omnipresent, albeit lackluster interest in the yet continuing violence in Darfur. Publications and events related to the conflict focus on "raising awareness" almost without exception. (0) comments

Off to War: Cultural, ethnic differences affect work atmosphere

It has been a great September. This month marked Ramadan, the Muslim holy month of fasting (from dawn to dusk) to memorialize the presentation of the Qu'ran to the prophet Muhammad. The Second Battalion moved to a schedule of working evenings and early mornings, and sleeping days. (0) comments

Mind the Gap: London offers international crowd, experience

One week in London is usually enough for most tourists to see everything they can possibly dream of seeing in the great city. However, as a student, one week in London is barely enough time to find one's way around the city.  Needless to say, the first week of studying abroad is almost like wandering into Alice's Wonderland, where everything is upside down, inside out, and there's a mysterious Queen in charge of it all. (0) comments

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  • Demolition or renovation of Morley building may cost university
  • Have you heard about: Case Dagorhir?
  • Nancy Pelosi visits campus to learn about Great Lakes Institute for Energy Innovation
  • RAD course offers students basic self-defense training
  • Relay for Life hosts kickoff event
  • RTA's Euclid Corridor Project nears completion
  • Student loans: federal vs. private


  • Cross Country: Men join women on top at All-Ohios
  • LBJ would be great TE
  • Men's Soccer: Spartans don't give or get goal in Brandeis tie
  • Solid 28-7 win keeps Spartans undefeated
  • Spartan Notebook
  • Spartan Spotlight: Jeff Brown
  • Volleyball drops two in weekend tri-match
  • Women's Soccer: Nothing appealing about loss to Judges

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  • Country visit results in different view of British
  • Editorial: Sculpture collection needs better presentation
  • Either candidate has chance to win in November election
  • Plug-in hybrids not safest choice for drivers


  • After years under the radar, Brett Dennen releases new album to rave reviews
  • GLTF shines with other half of fall repertory
  • Just in Case: Worried about partying pals
  • Oliver Stone's W. falls short of expectations
  • Sex and Dating: Avoiding awkward hookups
  • The Buzz
  • The Secret Ingredient: The many flavors of pumpkin
  • Worst Case Scenario: Stifling the big-word urge
  • Zombie Survival Guide author charismatically entertains Case Western Reserve students