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Ben Folds returns to his irreverent roots with Normal

Something happened to Ben Folds between 2005's Songs For Silverman and this year's Way to Normal. It may have been his third divorce - from ex-wife Frally Hynes - and subsequent marriage to Fleur Folds, but whatever it was, it warped him. After two albums and three EPs displaying a (relative) growth of maturity, Folds was on his way to becoming a serious recording artist, trading his irreverence and strategic cursing for sensitivity and subtlety. (0) comments

New exhibit explores ins-and-outs of race and racism

Crowds are flooding into the halls of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History for its new exhibit, Race - Are We So Different? Exploring the ins-and-outs of the category of race, the exhibit should not be missed. The goal of the exhibit is to enrich the public's knowledge of race and racism by exploring three themes about race: the everyday experience, the science that is challenging common ideas, and its history in the United States. (0) comments

Symphonic Winds impress and delight with fall concert

Gary Ciepluch describes the Symphonic Winds Ensemble as "the most amazing students and musicians in the world." The talented young group of people of which he is speaking is actually two groups in one: the University Circle Wind Ensemble and the CWRU Symphonic Winds. (0) comments

Student Profile: Christina Colasanto and John Horton

Student Profile: Christina Colasanto and John Horton

On Oct. 11, the votes of over 1800 Case Western students crowned seniors John Horton and Christina Colasanto Homecoming King and Queen. The pair agreed to hold an interview and discuss their experience as Case royalty. (0) comments

Young mayoral candidate inspires with new book

She ran for mayor of Bloomington, Ind. at the age of 21. During college, she helped encourage people in her community to get tested for HIV, aided Hispanic children in learning to read, and helped find homes for countless shelter animals. Having degrees in political science and Spanish from Indiana University, Jamie Lober, now 23, has already experienced more at this point in her life than most experience throughout their entire lives. (0) comments

Sex and Dating: Stressing Out

As midterms approach, we're all starting to get a little more stressed with each day that passes. The mounting stress becomes palpable when you're staring at a computer screen at 3 a.m. writing, and can't focus because you're too busy thinking of the 10 other things you have to get done. (0) comments

Worst Case Scenario: Climbing to the top of the heap

It hurts me to say this, dear reader, but you are an unpopular, lazy bum who lacks even a modicum of influence on this campus. However, it's time for all of that to change. It's time for you to throw off your sordid, disreputable ways and become the man or woman (or whatever!) that you've always wanted to be. (0) comments

Case Bhangra team looks to have another great year

Case Western Reserve University's co-ed Spartan Bhangra team has achieved much since its inception just over a year ago in the summer of June 2007. Already, the modern-traditional team has claimed first place in the Desi Hungama in Syracuse, N.Y. The team kicked off the beginning of this year with a first-place finish at The Spot's So You Think You Can Dance competition. (0) comments

Techno singer brings innovative style to music

There are certain songs that get stuck in our heads regardless of whether we want them there or not. No one can deny the fact that they have at some point, found themselves humming an old Destiny's Child song or some form of nameless nineties music under their breath. (0) comments

Advice at Case: roommate rumbles

Dear Adept Annie, I'm a freshman, and as an only child, this is my first time ever even dreaming of having to share a room. My roommate is one of the messiest people I have ever met, and more than once, I've found her food, clothes, and books on my bed and my desk. (0) comments

The Buzz

Friday, Oct.10 New York Times bestseller and noted essayist David Sedaris is coming to Cleveland's Playhouse Square to provide his satirical insight and wit to the Cleveland populace. Sedaris' most recent collection of essays, When You Are Engulfed in Flames, released last June, topped many bestseller lists across the country. (0) comments

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  • Nancy Pelosi visits campus to learn about Great Lakes Institute for Energy Innovation
  • RAD course offers students basic self-defense training
  • Relay for Life hosts kickoff event
  • RTA's Euclid Corridor Project nears completion
  • Student loans: federal vs. private


  • Cross Country: Men join women on top at All-Ohios
  • LBJ would be great TE
  • Men's Soccer: Spartans don't give or get goal in Brandeis tie
  • Solid 28-7 win keeps Spartans undefeated
  • Spartan Notebook
  • Spartan Spotlight: Jeff Brown
  • Volleyball drops two in weekend tri-match
  • Women's Soccer: Nothing appealing about loss to Judges

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  • Country visit results in different view of British
  • Editorial: Sculpture collection needs better presentation
  • Either candidate has chance to win in November election
  • Plug-in hybrids not safest choice for drivers


  • After years under the radar, Brett Dennen releases new album to rave reviews
  • GLTF shines with other half of fall repertory
  • Just in Case: Worried about partying pals
  • Oliver Stone's W. falls short of expectations
  • Sex and Dating: Avoiding awkward hookups
  • The Buzz
  • The Secret Ingredient: The many flavors of pumpkin
  • Worst Case Scenario: Stifling the big-word urge
  • Zombie Survival Guide author charismatically entertains Case Western Reserve students